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We create, implement and facilitate integrated employee wellness solutions, helping promote healthy lifestyles and positive attitude in organizations, communities and homes.

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Healthy employees. Improved productivity. Lower costs

Leverage our Go screen kiosks for individual employee health reports and build an engaging journey on the ENHAPP platform to sustain wellness programs.

Collaborate with hospitals, network of health and fitness experts and insurers to deliver a holistic, engaging and sustainable health experience to employees that will reduce absenteeism and presenteeism.

Engage employees through Group Dynamic Challenges

Leverage SpotCheck with its ease and convenience of non-invasive medical tests to encourage employees to sign up for your health and wellness plans. Assess high-health risk categories and take proactive steps to create relevant health and wellness programs that are easily integrated with the ENHAPP platform.

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Our digital user-friendly platform-based solution makes it possible for you to create fun and easy ways for employees to monitor their health and take active interest in managing it well. Engage employees with a variety of fitness programs and workshops that work for them prior to building an effective long-term wellness plan.

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Build collaborations with wellness stakeholders, initiate and manage partnership programs, and access network of experts and a wellness marketplace.

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Galvanize programs for wellness with fitness challenges and outdoor competitions between colleagues, trigger deeper interest through gamification and other activities and design incentives for sustained participation and long-term engagement.

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Insurance companies

Fit customers. Optimized costs. Higher sales.

Bundle policies with relevant wellness programs and incentives. Deliver these through apps that drive customers to lead healthier lifestyles, thus reducing claim ratios. Access health and lifestyle data and explore additional growth avenues. Create customized products and partnerships with health services for market differentiation and growth.

Effectively assess and manage risks, and partner with corporates in employee health engagement solutions through ENHAPP platform.

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Healthcare providers

Increased awareness. Wider campaigns. Higher revenues.

Connect with a large client base and generate revenues through personalized and on-demand services. Leverage the ENHAPP platform to upsell and cross sell and to run promotional campaigns more effectively than on social media channels

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Healthy and happy students. Lower absenteeism.

Comprehensively assess health of students with an easy, non-invasive technology, access network of doctors, hospitals, and nutrition experts to ensure the health of students and encourage healthy habits.

Go beyond rudimentary medical checkups and proactively nurture the health of students

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Foster better community spirit. Improve wellness.

Access wellness programs and network of healthcare providers and health services for special schemes and benefits for large residential blocks.

Bring residential communities together to promote individual and community wellness through interactive and engaging programs on ENHAPP platform.

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Drive scalability. Deliver excellence. Cut costs.

Extend reach and influence of public health and wellness programs with our digital platform. In line with Digital India focus, leverage digital solutions based on ENHAPP and SpotCheck to achieve greater awareness of state-sponsored public health campaigns. Ensure faster delivery and lower costs and higher effectiveness.

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